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What is OryxCoin

OryxCoin is an non-monetary cryptographic medium of economic exchange that is designed for market participants who wish to settle their financial claims via alternative means of payment. OryxCoin is non-monetary store of value that is processed via PoS Blockchain algorithms. OryxCoin is a disintermediated direct payment service with no middle-man payment service providers and is processed autonomously without middle-man payment system operators. OryxCoin provides for 24/365 multilateral real-time gross settlement of the payment claims between node and masternode participants in its distributed Blockchain ecosystem.

Utility of OryxCoin

Readiness of utility

Dividend Coin

OryxCoin is the dividend coin integrated in the Security Token Offering platform - ESTLITE. Every STO launched will have to pay back dividends per year for every tokenized security.

Fees Coin

OryxCoin is the fees payable in our exchange bitselly.com and every traders will enjoy 50% discount in exchange commission and fees.

Gaming Coin

Netaites is an online community for gaming which includes Blockchain enabled secure, reliable and trustworthy platform for all kind of gaming experience.

Reward coin

Bartero users will monetize the social media apps and be paid in OryxCoin for every activity and advertising projects they take part.

Features of OryxCoin

OryxCoin is efficient and easy to use. Our teams are focused to bring advanced Blockchain technology to the Community and establish a stable and resilient Trustless network for Web 3.0 Infrastructure.

OryxCoin is powered by a decentralized Trustless governance framework that provides for security, anonymity and fair mining.

Our Research & Development Teams bring Step-by-Step Guidance about setting up OryxCoin Masternodes for both Linux and Windows applications. All transactions via OryxCoin network are safe and secure. OryxCoin is processed in real time, 24/365. Settlements in OryxCoin are instant, final and irrevocable. 60% Block rewards go to Masternodes for hosting the blockchain and processing transactions. OryxCoin Masternodes ensure that 51% network attacks are not possible and also provide for Users’ privacy. OryxCoin network is powered by hundreds of Community Masternodes, located all over the world. The governance of OryxCoin is efficiently decentralized and distributed. Anyone can propose or vote on governance proposals.

OryxCoin Network

Specifications of OryxCoin

OryxCoin POS algorithm and Masternodes operators give network stability and 51% network attacks protection.

Block Time                           
Block Size

Confirms for Mined Blocks
Confirms for Transactions

10,000 ORYX
Masternode Collateral

Masternode Reward           
Staking Reward

Threely Wallet

Threely Wallet is OryxCoin's Wallet

Threely can be understood as URL Shorteners available on the internet but, for Blockchain Wallet Addresses. Threely shortens long wallet addresses & produces short three-word addresses containing meaningful and memorable words (for example –tree.planet.water or pay.apple.store). Shorter & Meaningful addresses are easier to share than long 25-45 letter, complex blockchain addresses. Threely Wallet runs on Threely Technology and is available on all your devices. Threely Wallet lets you create and manage all your blockchain assets from one app. Threely Wallet is a product of ProjectThreely, Learn about ProjectThreely at www.projectthreely.com

Partners & Roadmap

Partners & Roadmap

Oryx Team and our partners consist of the world's leading organizations.